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My mission is to provide delicious and family-friendly plant-based meals from my kitchen to yours.

Hi, I'm Aga and welcome to Green Kai.

Once upon a time, I was a chef - a vegan chef. Now, I cook and share all my tested and perfected recipes with you from my own kitchen. 

Green Kai was born to share the joy of plant-based meals. Whether you are wanting to incorporate more plants into your meals, or switch your lifestyle to fully plant-based, this space is for you. Cooking with plants is absolutely amazing and I’m here to show you exactly that! It’s my true passion to create delicious, nutritious, and wholesome meals that bring comfort and satisfaction.

I grew up in beautiful Poland, moved to Barcelona on a scholarship and lived there for 6 years until I met Nick, my handsome Kiwi man, in Italy. We travelled around, lived in Vietnam for almost 1 year and eventually moved to New Zealand 6 years ago. We currently live in the countryside in the Bay of Plenty. We have ducks, chickens and cats and are surrounded by orchards. I'm learning how to grow my own vegetables and enjoy living in the present moment. If I'm not in the kitchen, you can find me looking after our animals, doing yoga, or sipping herbal tea while reading.

Green Kai - For those of you that are from other parts of the world,

kai means food in te reo maori 

Aga Green Kai plant-based chef
Aga Green Kai plant-based chef 1

Recipe Disclaimer

Please remember that many things can affect how a recipe turns out. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Kitchen appliances, e.g. oven temperatures, get to know your oven and its calibrations and adjust the temperature accordingly.

  • Humidity and temperature in the kitchen – unfortunately sometimes a recipe could fail due to high humidity and/or temperature

  • Substitutions – if there is an ingredient that you are allergic to/don’t like, feel free to substitute it for a different one (I will be more than happy to help you with that)

  • Different product consistencies and textures – In my recipes I use products available in New Zealand market.


All my recipes are carefully tested before posting. If for some reason a recipe did not turn out as expected, I hope you try it again and continue to visit Green Kai here and on Instagram.

I am also happy to receive any messages with questions and feedback so that I can help succeed and make adjustments to improve your experience.



Interview for Sayidaty Magazine

Your page shows the merging of more than a culture in cooking. What cultures do you refer to when it comes to creating your dishes? Before moving to New Zealand, I’ve travelled to about 30 countries and lived in 4 countries. Food has always been very important for my family, so when we travelled, we enjoyed local cuisines. I love cooking Mediterranean cuisine inspired dishes but not only. Since I’ve also lived in Vietnam, I love experimenting with Southeast Asian flavors. I also believe it’s good to merge different cuisines while maintaining the respect for their origins.

What are the ingredients that must be available in your kitchen?

My plant-based kitchen staples are legumes, cereal, grains, nuts, seeds, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Clean and natural ingredients are what I base my recipes on... click here to read the interview

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