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Instant Noodles made healthy

Vegan Instant Noodles prepped in 10 minutes to have a nutritious and DELICIOUS lunch on a busy day. They store very well in the fridge for up to 4 days. This recipe is such a lifesaver.

🍽 Serves 1

🕘 10-15 minutes


  • 1 serving – approx. 50g of rice vermicelli noodles

  • ½ tsp sesame oil

  • ½ brown onion (chopped)

  • 2-3 mushrooms (chopped)

  • 1/3 pack of firm tofu (cut into small cubes) I used

  • ½ cup shelled edamame

  • A handful of pak choy or other greens of your choice: spinach, kale, cabbage

  • ½ thinly sliced carrot

  • 1 Tbsp spring onion (chopped)

  • 1 tsp grated ginger

  • 1 tsp miso paste

  • ¼ tsp chili paste

  • 1 tsp good quality plant-based chicken stock powder

  • 1 tsp soy sauce/tamari sauce to serve


  1. Prepare the ingredients: chop the onion, slice the mushrooms, and cut the tofu into 1cm cubes.

  2. Heat sesame oil in a large frying pan to medium. Add onion and sauté until golden. Add mushrooms and sauté for 3 more minutes. Add tofu, salt and pepper and fry until golden.

  3. In the meantime, thinly slice the carrots and chop pak choy into smaller pieces.

  4. Place all the ingredients except soy sauce in an air-tight container and store in the fridge.

  5. To serve: fill the container with boiling hot water just enough to cover the noodles. Place the lid back on the container and shake to mix well. Leave for 5 minutes with the lid on and serve with some soy sauce/tamari sauce to taste.

  6. Enjoy! 💚


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