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Quick and Delicious: 15 Too Easy Plant-Based Meals Anyone Can Make! This series is all about simplicity, as I'm on a mission to show you how easy it is to make delicious plant-based meals and perhaps even make you fall in love with cooking. All the recipes are easy to follow and require 10 or even fewer ingredients. They are also incredibly quick to make. The total time of prepping and cooking doesn't exceed 40 minutes, which makes these recipes perfect for a weeknight dinner!

Juicy and tangy fresh tomato sauce combined with smooth and buttery beans. It's a match you can't resist. Try it for yourself! This dish is very easy and quick to make, and so satisfying!

Do yourself a favor and try this curry! It comes together in about 35-40 minutes, and is insanely delicious. Zesty, fresh, creamy, and so flavorful! It’s a combination made in heaven!

Here is number 3 of 15 Too Easy Plant-Based Meals! These super easy-to-make and delicious roasted cauliflower wraps come together in about 35 minutes, but most of the time, they don’t need to be supervised, which makes them a perfect too easy weeknight dinner after a very busy day. Make sure you add it to your weekly plant-based meals rotation.

Elevate your risotto game with delicious miso roasted eggplant. It’s a real umami treat for the taste buds. Since it only takes 35-40 minutes to make and requires less than 10 ingredients, you can enjoy this plant-based goodness as your next dinner. Super easy and delicious weeknight dinner that doesn’t require your constant attention.

All I want to say is YUM! It’s juicy and melt-in-your-mouth on the inside, crispy around the edges of the tortillas, and covered with deliciously spicy sauce. Make sure you try this delicious zucchini enchilada style bake.

This delicious chili comes together in about 30-35 minutes. It’s very aromatic, flavorful, and couldn’t be easier to make. If you are looking for an easy weeknight dinner, search no more. This is a perfect, low attention required meal that will warm your soul and body. Trust me, this mushroom chili sin carne is the best plant-based weeknight dinner.

This Kumara (sweet potato) and spinach lentil curry is one of the easiest healthy weeknight dinners! It takes about 30-35 minutes to make, requires minimal prep time, and barely any attention while cooking. Sounds like a winner? Here is how to make it.

Perhaps it’s not the most common recipe when you think of dinner, well not until now. This Red lentil chili ‘hummus’ base with grilled bok choy and courgette dish is packed with nutrients and beautiful flavors. The base is silky smooth and mildly spicy, and the vegetables are juicy and crunchy. It’s a must-try recipe!

Cozy up with a bowl of hearty Lasagna soup. Wholesome and delicious – this butter beans and kale lasagna soup will bring you comfort, and your taste buds a real treat.

A Hearty and nourishing Chickpea peanut stew recipe for a cozy meal to enjoy with family on a busy day. This deliciously smoky stew is a perfect, ready in less than 40 minutes weeknight dinner.

These insanely delicious, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside carrot and corn fritters are simply the best. To make this absolutely spectacular dish I used carrots. Misfit produce is fresh and delicious, but not perfect enough for supermarket beauty standards. To me, it’s perfect and tastes amazing.

Roasted tomato gnocchi - This is the ultimate comfort food, roasted tomato sauce with crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside gnocchi. It comes together within 30 minutes, and the flavor is so amazing that you will want to add this dish to your weekly rotation! Trust me!

Spring is here and there is nothing better than fresh spring produce like asparagus, courgette and cherry tomatoes. Today I bring you this super easy to make Pasta Primavera packed with beautiful fresh flavors. This dish takes approx. 30 minutes to make, which makes it a perfect plant-based weeknight dinner.

This Crispy Peanut Satay Tofu is not only super easy and quick to make but also insanely delicious. It’s one of Nick’s favorites. It comes together in approx. 30 minutes, which makes it another plant-based weeknight dinner to add to your rotation.

Day 15: Fajita bowls

These one baking tray fajita bowls are so flavorful and packed with nutrients. Do yourself a favor and make them asap! So easy, quick to make, and so delicious!

Make sure you check out other delicious dinner recipes!

Happy cooking!


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